About Cinéforom

Cinéforom – Fondation romande pour le cinéma was created in May 2011 in close consultation with the representatives of the moving picture industries in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Our founding members are the Cantons of Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Neuchâtel, Valais and Vaud as well as the City of Geneva and Lausanne. Our annual budget of approximately 10 MCHF is currently funded via public grants (68%) and lottery funds from the Loterie Romande (32%).

Cinéforom supports all genres and exploitation forms via the following support programmes:

  • Selective production support for feature, documentary and animation films with a maximum support amount corresponding to 40% of the Swiss production costs with a maximum of CHF 400'000
  • Automatic script-writing/development support for feature, documentary and animation films as well as TV-series, with a maximum support amount of CHF 30'000
  • Automatic production support for films having either received a grant from the Swiss Federal Office for Culture and/or signed a co-production agreement with the Swiss public-service broadcaster SRG SSR within the framework of the «Pacte de l’audiovisuel»
  • XR and interactive support for interactive audiovisual works relying on new technologies, with selective set grants
  • Distribution support for films originating within the region (production or direction) for the theatrical release in Switzerland.

The allocation of available means between the above support programmes is determined on an annual basis.

Apart from the XR and interactive support, the overall participation of Cinéforom in a film may not exceed 60% of the Swiss production costs with maximum of CHF 800'000.

Elegibility and the final support amounts are determined on the basis of a ratio corresponding to:

  • 100% for films directed by a Swiss film-maker and produced by a production company based within the region
  • 100% for films directed by a film-maker from the region and produced by a production company from another Swiss region
  • 25% for films with a foreign director, produced by a production company based within the region

100% of the Cinéforom support amount must be spent in French-speaking Switzerland.

Before applying for support, production and distribution companies must be registered with the Registre des entreprises de production. The permanent residency or citizenship apply for determining the region of film directors.

All applications must be made in French, including a French translation of the script.

There are four deadlines for selective support each year. Applications are examined by a Commission composed on a rotating basis by seven experienced film professionals (directors, film producers, script-writers, other industry specialists) from a pool of about 82.

For XR and interactive support there are two deadlines each year.

Applications for automatic and distribution support are examined on a running basis.

All funding decisions, the list of experts participating in the support decisions, as well as all other relevant information about our activities, are published on the Cinéforom website.

The Cinéforom secretariat, based in Geneva, is available to assist you with further information.

Stéphane Morey, General secretary
Marie-Lou Pahud, Head of support
- Production Specialist
Geneviève Rossier, Head of projects, Deputy head of support
- Distribution Specialist
Catherine Prevedello, Office management & accounting
Leo Marti, Project manager

Fondation romande pour le cinéma

Maison des arts du Grütli
16 rue du Général-Dufour
CH-1204 Genève
T+41 22 322 81 30
Info (at) cineforom.ch

Brochure “Coproducing with Switzerland”
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