Séminaire Focal «Resonant Visions»

Focal organise début janvier 2016 à Berne un séminaire pour producteurs, intitulé «Resonant Visions: Selecting Materials, Developing Stories». En anglais, la description :

«How do you judge concepts, treatments and screenplays? Some producers go by market analysis, others by dramaturgical analysis. This seminar addresses producers seeking new input with respect to their choice of projects and the development of their film scripts. A ‹toolbox› for dramaturgical issues is intended to help with the process of developing storylines through detailed analysis of a story's structure and figures, ensuring that the best possible creative solutions are found to the satisfaction of both the producer and the scriptwriter.

Story development is not a strictly logical process. It is a journey into the creative unknown. The producer-writer bond is key to an outcome that is a win-win for both. Producers who know how to support that relationship with both insight and empathy are the ones who are able to bring out the best in authors. And they also become the producers that writers love to work with.»

Les orateurs sont Keith Cunningham (Chicago, Munich) et Amir Hamz (Berlin, Zurich).

Le délai d'inscription est fixé au 15 décembre 2015. Tous les détails sont ici :